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Three of Pentacles

The Three of Pentacles tarot card represents the blending of creativity and hard work. This card signifies that one’s efforts and skills are being recognized and appreciated by others. In a reading, the Three of Pentacles indicates that the querent is making progress in their work and career, and that success is within reach.

The card often represents collaboration and teamwork, as the figure depicted on the card is working with others to create a beautiful structure. This shows that the querent is not just working hard, but working well with others, which is essential for achieving their goals. It also indicates that the querent may receive help from someone who can provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve their goals.

In general, the Three of Pentacles represents a time of growth, progress and recognition in the querent’s work and career. It suggests that the querent should continue to apply themselves and work hard, but also recognize the importance of collaboration and teamwork. The card is a positive omen and indicates that the querent is on the right path to success, prosperity and satisfaction in their career.

Historical Reference

Go back in time to what the creators of the deck had to say about it.

A sculptor at his work in a monastery. Compare the design which illustrates the Eight of Pentacles. The apprentice or amateur therein has received his reward and is now at work in earnest. Divinatory Meanings: Métier, trade, skilled labour; usually, however, regarded as a card of nobility, aristocracy, renown, glory. Reversed: Mediocrity, in work and otherwise, puerility, pettiness, weakness.

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