What's in the cards for your career or business?

Let’s delve into your strengths, areas for improvement, and future prospects through tarot readings tailored to bring clarity and motivation.

Are you having trouble determining the best way to align your career, business, or nonprofit with your highest good?

To progress, we must begin at some point.

It's All In The Cards

Tarot card readings are a valuable tool for exploring reality and discovering guidance on our personal journeys. Let’s set up a time for your own reading and see what the cards say!

Marc Shade

Business Sage

ABOUT ME: I’ve been a marketing consultant and business leader for over 30 years,  an entrepreneur and business owner for more than 13 years. I’ve studied the tarot, archetypes, symbolism, and psychology my whole life. My experience and knowledge brings these elements together for a powerful, engaging personal growth experience.

Would you like to shed some light on your best path?

A tarot reading with me can provide you with guidance and clarity for your career, business, or nonprofit.

Our clients are usually at a crossroads or at an important turning point in their careers or businesses. I offer a creative and open space for entrepreneurs and leaders to brainstorm and seek advice to understand their life path. Let me help you gain insight into your business future. I specialize in tarot readings specifically designed to best serve people striving to achieve personal success in their careers, businesses and nonprofit organizations.


How It Works

New to online Tarot readings? Wondering how this all works? Here’s a rundown of what to expect.

What People Are Saying

Marc Shade has been my web developer for almost a decade now. I reached out to him when I had a new direction and model for my business and during our consultation Marc asked: "Would you like a business Tarot Card reading?" To which I answered: "YES Please!". Though my new business model is a departure for me, my reading confirmed all the things I was already confident about and built confidence in the areas in which I was not 100% sure about yet. It does not matter what business you are in, entering "The Arena" takes confidence (even when you don't have all the answers). Use everything you have at your disposal. I would always refer Marc's mastery of web development/maintenance to people, but this service was an unexpected bonus. So do yourself a favor and give the Business Sage a try too, it may give you the extra push to take the leap! The cards don't lie!
Business Tarot Card Readings Client
Scott Tallenger
Founder • Designer-De-Experiences

Your Future Discovered

The whole of your story has yet to be told. Take control of your destiny by understanding the true nature of what you’re here to do in this world and what comes next for you.

These are some spreads I typically use that work great for career-related questions...


If you’re simply in need of some business inspiration, try out this tarot spread. This spread can help you figure out what your next move should be. It can also give you some insight into what is currently going on in your business.


This tarot spread is designed to help you lay the foundations for your business or project. It starts with understanding your own role and purpose, and then expands outward to other key aspects of building a successful enterprise. This includes setting out your goals, understanding your customers and what you offer, and also whether you are prepared – emotionally, physically and mentally.


This tarot spread is perfect for anyone who wants a shorter reading that covers both the emotional and practical aspects of their life. This spread will help you examine how starting a business will impact your current situation, and vice versa. It’s important to remember that even though your business may be spiritually or emotionally driven, the day-to-day practicalities are still crucial.


Go deep by using this 12 card spread, and traverse the storytelling structure laid down by Joseph Campbell to discover your unique story. This is a very detailed reading that provides guidance on many levels.

Take a look at how our Hero’s Journey Business Coaching Process can also help your entire business with a clear marketing message!

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