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Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles is a tarot card that symbolizes the balance between giving and receiving, as well as the idea of abundance and generosity. It represents a time in life when one is able to share their wealth and resources with others, whether it be through financial means or through giving of their time and energy. This card often appears as a sign of progress and growth in one’s material and financial well-being.

In a reading, the Six of Pentacles can indicate that the querent is in a good place in terms of their financial stability and that they are able to share this wealth with others. This card can also suggest that the querent is finding balance in their relationships, whether it be in a romantic or business sense, by finding a balance between what they give and what they receive. On a more spiritual level, the Six of Pentacles represents a desire for balance and harmony in all aspects of life, including one’s relationships and finances.

In a negative context, the Six of Pentacles can indicate a lack of balance in the giving and receiving dynamic, and the querent may feel taken advantage of or resentful. This card can also suggest an imbalance in one’s finances, such as overspending or lack of financial stability. In this context, the Six of Pentacles can serve as a reminder to create balance in one’s life, to give what they can and to receive what they need in a way that feels fair and equal.

Historical Reference

Go back in time to what the creators of the deck had to say about it.

A person in the guise of a merchant weighs money in a pair of scales and distributes it to the needy and distressed. It is a testimony to his own success in life, as well as to his goodness of heart. Divinatory Meanings: Presents, gifts, gratification another account says attention, vigilance now is the accepted time, present prosperity, etc. Reversed: Desire, cupidity, envy, jealousy, illusion.

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